If your conservatory has become difficult to use in the winter or summer months, a warm roof could be the answer. Making your conservatory cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter isn’t easy, so a lot of owners turn to warm roofs to solve the problem.


What is a warm roof?

A warm roof replaces your traditional conservatory roof with a solid alternative. As well as blending with the main roof of your home, it provides excellent insulation due to the 3 layers of high-performance insulation built into the structure of the roof.

This insulation and the presence of a traditional roof means that your conservatory becomes the perfect blend between a regular room in your house and a conservatory. It’s warm in the winter, cool in the summer, and provides a light-filled space that can be used at any time of the year.

Don’t worry about adding too much weight to your conservatory too, as a warm roof is made from a lightweight structure which protects the base and brick work. As well as being lightweight and energy efficient, our warm roofs can be customised with Velux roof lights to provide more natural light. For the evenings, energy-efficient spotlights are used to ensure the room can be used at all times of day.

For more customisation, and to ensure the roof blends with your home, a variety of different tile and colour options, including slate and shingle effect, are available.


Save money on your energy bills

One of the biggest benefits of a warm roof is the reduction in the cost of your energy bills. Conservatories, especially when old and outdated, are inefficient and lead to a lot of heat loss in the winter. This leads to energy bills that see a pronounced increase later in the year, just because you want to be able to use your conservatory.

By installing a warm roof, this heat loss is reduced drastically, making your conservatory easier and cheaper to keep warm. It’s a solution that saves you money and is also far better for the environment than a traditional conservatory.


The perfect blend between a conservatory and regular room

By keeping the windows around all external walls of the room, you end up with the perfect mix of a conservatory and a regular room in your house. The windows allow in a huge amount of natural light, leading to an open space that feels truly connected with the outside world.

Warm roofs are also suitable for any conservatory style, whether it’s Edwardian, Gable, Victorian, or Lean-to. The roof complements the conservatory and blends with the natural style of your home beautifully, providing a seamless transition between the two.


How can Infil help?

Infil are one of Halstead and Essex’s leading providers of warm roofs, specialising in brands such as Guardian or Ultraframe. Initially, we will meet with you to provide a no-obligation quote, discuss your situation and the kind of ideas you have. During this process, we will discuss what it is that you’re looking to use your conservatory for and what style of roof might be best.

After this, we will give you some advice and guidance on planning permission and building regulations to ensure that you are aware of any issues and risks that you might need to take into account. The last thing you want is to start construction and then realise that there’s an issue!

Once the work is agreed, we will start the conversion process. During this stage, our expert team will work on a building schedule that suits your needs and lifestyle, paying extra care to ensure that all of our work has the utmost respect for the rest of your property.

We also specialise in finishing touches through our dedicated team of plasterers, electricians, and other professionals. They will make sure that your new room is ready to decorate and use as soon as possible!

Finally, we provide a 10-year guarantee on all of our work, meaning we will be there to fix any problems.


If you’re interested in finding out more about how a warm roof could benefit you, please give us a call on 01787 477231 for a no-obligation quote.